Look after your teeth to Prevent Gum Disease

Prevention – the key to healthier happier smiles

We feel that the prevention of dental and gum disease is the key to achieving optimum oral health.

This means a brighter and healthier smile for you, which allows you to eat what you want, when you want and lets you smile with the greatest levels of confidence! Visit our hygienist.

Extensive examination

Before any treatment, an extensive assessment of every patient is conducted by our dental surgeons, this includes a full medical, dental and smile assessment questionnaire and x-rays if required.

We, as dental health care professionals, are now more and more vigilant with respect to cancers that may occur in any area of the mouth.

The mortality rate from mouth cancer is high (just over 50% despite patients receiving treatment – with approximately 1500-1700 deaths per year in the UK).

This high rate is as a result of people not going to the dentist regularly and hence associated with late detection – especially where high risk patients are concerned e.g. smokers and heavy drinkers.

(Should we need a second opinion – immediate facilities to refer are already in place to prevent any further delay).

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Simple Clean

During every examination we usually remove any obvious gross deposits of plaque (film of dense bacteria) that is visible above the gum.

Gum disease is usually associated with bacteria within the layer of plaque – hence its regular removal is of paramount importance. These bacteria are also very prevalent below the gum level and hence this area must also be regularly targeted.

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